Chris Nicholls

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Chris Nicholls has always had an interest in photography, even though he would consider himself a beginner in certain aspects. Like many other photographers he took photos at family events, holidays etc., but soon he knew that this more mundane pursuit would develop into a serious involvement with photography as an art form, even if it has taken years to come to fruition.

For more than twenty years he owned and ran a chain of video libraries, and thus being surrounded by images all day sharpened his views on the deeply entwined and constantly evolving counter influences between film and photography. Photography is the ancestor of film, and then film in turn informs photography in ever moving cycles. His panoramic shots, which carry reminiscences and traces of the epic films evoking the open lands of the past are an example in case.

On the other hand, Chris also emphasizes the local and particular tales that lie behind his photographs. Every shot is standing up by itself as an image, but for him it is also part of a specific and unique history or story.

Chris lives in Dublin, Ireland.